August 11th, 2011

crossed heart

18k in Shapeshifted

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I did 3k tonight, so I'm 18k into Shapeshifted! Actually (goes to look) 18700 words in! Only 1300 to make my goal for the week! I'm going to keep blazing on (in theory) while I can, since Worldcon is next week. It would be so completely awesome if I could make 30k by Worldcon, and not have to worry about writing for that entire trip. It's possible!

Writing with an outline is amazing. I don't know if it'll stay this good -- but it's great now, I'm super stoked I have one. I was really forced into thinking in outline format by the end of Moonshifted, because the finale was a huge domino thing that I couldn't touch one piece of without it all falling apart...I'm really glad that ingrained some of this in me. I don't think I could do more than 2 good books a year -- but 2 actually feels doable now. Hooray!

Also, Daniel (first reader extraordinaire) got back to me re: the first 15 k. He has some good points about ways to knit it together more tightly/better. I'm going to keep pushing on for a bit more, a) because I'm on a roll, and b) because I think I can't solidify the beginning until I know more about some of the characters, which means I need to keep feeling them out on the page, for a bit. But he always has good advice, and it's definitely things to keep in mind as I plunge ahead.

And I'm getting really excited about Worldcon coming up next week :D. I've never been to Reno before, and the hotel I'm staying at looks really nice on tripadvisor, and it'll be fun to take another trip. (If I tally things out...I've gone on one trip (and/or convention) every month since March of this year. I'm a trip kinda girl. I love traveling :D)

Bedtime now, but I'm so pleased with how things are going right now :D