August 8th, 2011

crossed heart

Harry Potter and the Sky Mall Conundrum

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This past weekend I watched all the Harry Potter movies over. It was kind of a do it now, or not at all thing, since this was maybe the last lazy weekend I'll have through the end of the year with my husband. I thought I hadn't seen most of them, but it turned out that I'd seen at least 2 or 3, or at least portions thereof, over the years.

I will confess that at the times I saw them, they didn't make much sense, taken individually. Mostly...because...I'd never read the books.

I know. I'm a heathen. I'd always wanted to, and then I never had time to, and then I wanted to wait till things were over so I could do it all at once, and then, well, I'm a slow reader, and...yeah.

Watching the scattered ones that I had, it was hard to figure out what was going on and why I should care. I took a friend's kid to one on a babysitting night, and thank god they knew who everyone was -- they spent half of the time telling me who was who and what was what. (It was a drive-in, so talking wasn't rude.) I didn't know who was important and why. (It was Order of the Phoenix. There's a lot of unimportant character cameos in that one.) But watching them as a whole though, they're an impressive piece of work, you can really see the narrative flow. While my neck has a crick in it from too much TV staring -- I'm pleased I got caught up.

I suppose I'm most pleased now that I finally know what the hell they're always shilling in that one page on the Sky Mall catalog when I'm in flight.

I'm kidding! I kid! Stop punching me! I did enjoy myself, and I'll be watching the 8th film this week ;).

In other news, broke 10k on Shapeshifted :D. Will be working hard throughout the week to continue to get ahead. :D