August 4th, 2011

crossed heart

Captain America times 2

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A very good day :D.

Went to therapist in AM, talked about my writing goals and how they relate to me (it was all very illuminating but it'd feel silly to share, but this is my journal-diary so I mention it to placehold for my brain) and how I deal with things. Went to lunch with Mark and Marina Budz which was super fun :D. And then talked to Daniel on the phone. The beginning of Shapeshifted, while still very beginningy, does not suck. I have the all clear to move on.

Then came home and went out to see Captain America with my husband, for the second time. It held up really well the second time through (the first time I saw it was with my stepdad last week) -- there've been a lot of movies who haven't really held up the second time through. The Star Trek reboot, for instance -- when that hit netflix, it didn't hold my interest at all, not even as a background noise movie. I think because all the beats it hit felt so trite. What worked in a bombastic theater the first time through -- the thrilling reintroduction of each character I'd grown to love -- felt rehashed outside of it. (Despite the fact that Z. Quinto was as hot as ever.) I, like most writers I know, break down movies and TV to see what works and what doesn't -- it was nice to feel Captain America holding together, and now trying to figure out why. Perhaps it was because I was unfamiliar with the source material -- but there were a lot of nice flourishes and call backs throughout. The painting inference of Red Skeleton's horror, with out showing it to us the viewer, was particularly nice, I felt. And the dancing monkey drawing. He could have easily been staring moodily into space...but the drawing was very humane, and allowed us to see how he felt in a snapshot moment. The kind of moments I love. It was well done.

Then came home, goofed off a bit, and wrote. Up to 5500 words on Shapeshifted. It's still very scattershot, but that's OK. I'm going with the flow, and the good stuff will backfill later :D. Tomorrow should be a big writing day :D.