July 24th, 2011

crossed heart


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So I'm out visiting my folks right now. I started working on Shapeshifted today in earnest, hooray!

On my way out here I bought eye-drops, and also some lacri-lube. You see, we use lacri-lube on people's eyes at work all the time -- sedated people with eye damage, man, we squirt this stuff into their eyes every two hours. So of course it is a good idea for me to get and use some, on my poor blistered eye. I put it in last night.

Thank god my bed in my parent's spare room is two feet from the counter with the mirror where I applied it. If i'd done it in the mirror in the bathroom, i might not have made it across the hall. There's a reason they suggest "Only for nighttime use," on the box for it. Because after you put it into your eyes, you can't see anything. Your eyelids want to stick shut, and the world is a glorpy haze.

Now, I should have known better, seeing as I've been putting this stuff into people's eyes myself for almost five years now. But none of my patients who've had this prescribed for them have ever gotten up to walk after application. It's like squirting straight vaseline into your eyes. If you wear a blindfold (as I do) it will leak out and adhere it to your face. In the morning you will wake up, and your eye-area will have a sheen like you kept trying to get after the advice of Seventeen magazine for that one summer where they tried to tell you that shiny cheeks were sexy, but putting vaseline on your cheeks only made you break out. This is exactly like that.

Anyhow. It did help my eye. It's felt better today than it's felt in awhile. I'll be putting it in again, later on tonight.

And if I wake up with irresistibly shiny eye sockets, don't hate me, they're a necessary medical intervention.