July 6th, 2011

crossed heart

back :D

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I finally finished unpacking tonight -- my commemorative trip magnets are finally on the fridge. (Our place is small, so magnets are an easy souvenir.)

Work's been crazy. I got report on this one patient, and went into their isolation room, and found out they'd been hotboxing in it.  Suffice to say we had a talk. They thought I was all angry at them for what they were smoking, at first. I was all -- "Look, i don't give a shit what you were smoking. I don't want you lighting anything on fire in here." More blustering, but after that, things were straightened out. (At least, till the end of my shift, heh.)

I ordered a ton of research books for Shapeshifted -- they should arrive tomorrow. Today was my last lazy day -- most of it spent recouping from shifts this past week. Back in the saddle tomorrow :D.