July 2nd, 2011

crossed heart

Last day in NYC, first day home –

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A real quick catch up --

I got to go to the St. Martin's Press spotlight yesterday at RWA, where my editor read the first part of Nightshifted out to show what she was looking for in a book. SO AWESOME.

I stuck around afterwards to say good-bye to her, and then I went out to lunch with Rachel, and Myke Cole :D.

I have known Myke for far too long. (Long enough that it makes both of us officially old now.) We fell off of each other's maps for a bit, until I saw him again at a World Fantasy convention a few years ago, and we've been in touch since then. It was really great to sit down and hang out with him. Both of our books are coming out around the same time even -- I'm thrilled we're succeeding together.

Then it was time for Rachel and I to come home. We made it out to JFK and took the long flight back.

I think I got to spend the perfect amount of time in New York. I feel like I met everyone work-wise (more than once, yay!) and got to hang out tons with a lot of great writing friends, and even wedged in a lot of tourist time -- but I was ready to come home. My cat hasn't left my side since I got in last night, she missed me ;).

I need to email some people, load up some pix, and then hopefully also get some emails from people -- if I gave you my card or info and said to email me, I meant it. (I know when I was going to cons back in the day, I'd always come home and wonder "were they just being nice? should I really email them?" and then over think things :P -- I actually mean it, honest.)

I'll be off the grid for a little bit, as I work a ton this week to make up for my vacation time...and now I gotta get back to making my Clarion West Write-a-thon goal, and working on Shapeshifted :D.

I can't wait to get to visit New York again :D. I hope it's soon :D.