June 29th, 2011

crossed heart

Hell’s Kitchen

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So I got my new phone today! Triumph! The old phone's bricked, according to Sprint. Apparently they turned off everything but wifi yesterday. Still missing pictures -- but I'm glad I was good about posting pix here along the way. :D

This morning I went with Rachel to go do breakfast with Kris Dikeman at a diner inside Grand Central Station -- and then we went to the New York Public Library.

ZOMG. So gorgeous. It's huge and vaulted and has lovely windows and ornate ceilings and the smell of age and the air of intention from all the people studying and reading inside of it. Standing in the reading room, I felt like if I wrote a book there, it would be the most profound, most amazingly awesome book of *all time*. It just felt like there's no way that any endeavor began inside that building could go wrong.  Ever.

So I was bummed about not taking pix there...but next time I come to NYC I'm going to add in an extra day, and that day is going to be spent working in the libary, so I can steal some of its magic.

I got over to the RWA convention in the afternoon. I moderated a panel on writing and divorce, which had a really good vibe -- everyone sat around in a circle and discussed what had happened to them and how they managed to keep writing through it. It was equal parts letting women know that they're not alone and panelists giving good advice.

After that, I caught a bit of another panel, and then hung out with Amy Lau and Michele Lang. Amy and I went out to dinner in Hell's Kitchen (where I did not see Gordon Ramsey, ba-dum-ching!) and then came back for some time at the RWA bar.

Michele mentioned a convention called Authors After Dark that was just for urban fantasy authors, which I'm very curious about. I liked RT Booklovers and I'm liking RWA...but I feel a bit outnumbered (and tribe-less) here, since straight romance isn't really my home. Just something to note here so I don't forget it in the future ;).

Tomorrow is my agency's party, and St. Martin's Press party to follow. Should be a long and exciting day! :D