June 28th, 2011

crossed heart

another pretty good day ;)

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Today was also mostly awesome :D.

I went to lunch with my editor, Rose Hilliard, and we had a great time :D. It's so crazy to meet people in real life that've read my books, heh! She's going to catch up on edits in August, but in the meantime, I should get full steam ahead on Shapeshifted.

I started doing some notes on Shapeshifted this afternoon (I had some time to kill) when....THE PERSON WHO HAS MY PHONE TWITTERED PHOTOS OF ME, as me. To my twitter account.

Hello, personal privacy violation feeling. It was kind of a dick move. And, I was upset at Sprint for not locking everything down, even though they said they had after I'd reported it lost. (Yes, I should have had a lock on my phone. But this is the first smart phone I've ever had. It's not like I needed to keep prying children or boyfriends out :P.) So bleh. Luckily, I hadn't taken pix of anything racier than my cat, heh. I deleted that tweet, and changed the password to my twitter. My new phone should arrive tomorrow.

In the evening, I went to the Altered Fluid crit group meeting with Rachel :D. It was rad -- we critted two stories, and then all went out to dinner. I got to hang out with tons of cool people: N. K. Jemisin, K. Tempest Bradford, Matt Kressel, Lilah Wild, Rajan Khanna, Kris Dikeman, Paul Berger, Mercurio D. Rivera, and Kate Elliot. Oddly, I hung out with Kate Elliot in LA at the RT Booklovers convention in April -- she's not here for RWA, just for friends, but still, small world ;).

I registered for RWA this afternoon, and tomorrow the con starts in earnest. I have a breakfast date, and then I'll be attending RWA all day. I have my first timer and first sale ribbons affixed to my badge already -- I feel silly, but the more reasons I have to talk to people the better, potentially ;).

More tomorrow :D.