June 27th, 2011

crossed heart

awesome, and then argh!

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99.999% of today was fantastic --

I finally got to meet my agent, Michelle Brower, for lunch :D. She was as cool as I thought she'd be ;) -- we had a great time talking, it was so good to finally meet her in person! I can't wait to see her more on and off during the convention :D.

Then, Rachel and I met up and did the Museum of Natural History -- the dinosaur skeletons in particular. Super fun.

Then-then -- I met up with Mary Rodgers, Lilah Wild, Amy Lau, Danielle Friedman and Sam Schreiber again for dinner at a fabulous tapas bar, where we drank sangria, chatted, and watched flaminco dancing.

And thennnn at the end of the night -- you may have noticed the lack of pictures in this post, alas -- I forgot my awesome new phone in a cab :P. Bah.

So peeved at myself! There's nothing for it, but for me to feel dumb, so grr and double grr. I called in to the lost and found for taxis and put in a claim, but my hopes are low. I'll do the insurance thing tomorrow (the claims center is closed right now) and I'll give the lost and found a call in the AM, but grrr.

Mostly, I'm peeved about losing the pictures. I can deal with getting a new phone, I can suck up paying the cash, but I took some really great pictures this trip -- and this is the first time I've been a photo person in years, really. I'm sad to have lost them, and bummed that even if I do get a new phone, it probably won't be till Thurs, too late for more photo ops. The whole thing is irritating.

Anyhow. Trying to concentrate on the awesomeness of agent and friends -- and editor lunch tomorrow. Cross your fingers for me to get good news at the lost and found tomorrow morning, please.