June 26th, 2011

crossed heart

Gay Pride Parade Day!

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So let me finish off last night! I went out again when Lilah called me, and we went to a goth club in Brooklyn, and danced, and it was awesome :D. I hadn't gone goth dancing in awhile -- I miss my moody bat friends! :D

When we were done dancing, we went over to Duff's. Duff's is a metal bar. I've never been to a metal bar -- I had no idea such a thing existed.

In a former life (when I started off on my tattooed/pierced path) I used to hang out with a lot of bikers.This was a lot like that ;). The pictures I took are crazy dark, but they look decent on my phone, so I'm hoping it's just a monitor setting thing -- here's Duff's:

After we hung out there till 4 AM, Lilah's awesome boyfriend Charles drove me safely home.

I got up after five hours to go and see Eugene Myers and Liz Gorinsky -- we met up for coffee, and then Liz gave us a tour of the Tor offices, and then we all went out to lunch. Tor's located in the Flatiron building, so it's iconic and cool (I should note, that St. Martin's is there too, on a different floor ;)) -- but it was right off the path for the Gay Pride Parade today! And here my camera didn't fail me -- this picture is from 6 floors up I think -- if you look down, the parade's just getting ready to start, and there's blocks and blocks of people queuing up to be in it:

We could hear all the ruckus and people were hollering and cheering -- it was really joyful :D. What a great time to be here!

Rachel and I came back to the hotel and crashed out for a bit, then I went out again with my writing friend Sam Schreiber for dinner and drinks in the village -- we wound up being back where the parade had been, and there were throngs of people everywhere, having fun :D. At the end of the night, I managed to use a subway on my mostly own and not die or get horribly lost and go to the land of the Mole People.

Tomorrow is lunch with my agent. My excitement is overwhelming my former anxiety. I can't wait to meet this mythical person who loves my books! :D