June 25th, 2011

crossed heart

New York, New York

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Day two in the big apple :D.

Got up late this morning, and went over to the Met to meet Lilah Wild and see the Alexander McQueen show. (On the way, I ate a hot dog from a street vendor and the taxi driver told me about how he's retiring soon and invited me to church tomorrow.)

Lilah was running late, so I got to wander around the museum area some.

Fifth Avenue:

and the front of the museum looks like:

We couldn't take pictures in the McQueen show, but you'll have to trust me, it was great. He was a genius. I've never gone to a fashion retrospective before. How few occasions do I ever get to dress up, not that i could begin to afford McQueen, but I still love to look and keep in touch with things online, especially in the shoe world....he had some fabulous, fabulous shoes. Crazy to see everything in real life. So gorgeous.

We spent the rest of the day wandering around the museum -- this is probably the best of the pictures I took:

And then we went out to dinner, and to a cupcakery for cupcakes -- THE CUPCAKE PLACE SOLD BLUEBELL ICE CREAM. (Other refugees from the south will share my amazement and pleasure!) And then we walked through a park and took the subway back to my hotel.

It was a lovely day -- and now I've gotten glam to go back out tonight...to a goth club in Brooklyn with Lilah. More later! :D