June 24th, 2011

crossed heart

now I’m on wounded knee, you’re at Waterloo

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(With apologies to the Old 97's, whom I love so much I'm wearing their t-shirt right now, no joke.)


I've had this moment, about 50 times today. I look at Rachel (Swirsky, who I'm traveling with) and go "WE ARE IN NEW YORK." She's not tired of it yet, or if she is, she's hiding it well :D

I'm in New York to meet my editor and agent and I never thought those words would be in any non-fiction sentence of mine, ever. I'd hoped, yeah, but...it's really happening. I'm feeling the magic now :D.

This morning, not so much magic ;). We flew here on a red-eye last night, and got in at 6:45 this AM at JFK. We got to our hotel at 8 AM and there were no rooms open. (Not the best of plans, Cassie, to have to wait till 3 PM possibly to take a nap....) It was gloomy and raining and we were wandering around Times Square trying to stay dry and awake. (The RWA convention hotel is in Times Square, thus, so are we.) My powers of nightshiftery lasted until 11 AM when I called our actual hotel and sounded like a sad puppy, and the guy was more positive on the phone, so we rushed right back and got a room and napped for hours.

Then we woke up and went out to dinner and to see Momma Mia -- Rachel got us 2nd row seats!

I have a deep love for Abba, stemming from an early introduction to Erasure's Abba-esque album. (If you like Erasure, or Abba, and you haven't heard that album, you owe it to yourself to get it.) Last year I went on a solo road trip and took all the Abba with me for 1600 miles of driving, I'm pretty indoctrinated. So getting to see Mamma Mia live was grand :D.

We got out of the theater as all the shows were letting out. New York was still grey, but the lights were bright, and it's warm outside, and it looked like this:

And now we're back at the hotel room, chilling out. Today's been awesome so far, I can't wait to see what tomorrow holds! :D