June 22nd, 2011

crossed heart

wheeeee & NYC! :D

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I am healthy! I was in charge last night at work and ran a tight ship! My agent likes Moonshifted!


I'm most relieved about my agent liking Moonshifted. It means running myself into the ground for 6 weeks there was worth it. She has questions about the end (so do I!) but it feels like a book, which is good. I was really nervous ever since I turned it in, which was stressful.

I'm flying out to NYC for the Romance Writers of America convention on a red-eye tomorrow. It's a good thing I got a lot of touristy things out of the way the last time I was there, a decade ago, because this is going to be my eating and drinking tour of the city. I have lunch and dinner every day pretty much set :D. I'll get to meet my agent and editor and go to a cocktail party held by St. Martin's. It'll be awesome! (I pray to god it'll be awesome. And that I won't somehow make a fool of myself. Amen!)

But none of that dissolves me of my Write-a-thon challenge -- to come up with an outline for Shapeshifted. I'm taking today and tomorrow off, with hanging out with my husband pre-trip and travel, but while I'm in NYC I want to start thinking about things more solidly.

In other Write-a-thon news -- the awesome M. K. Hobson is running a "Buck for your best sentence!" contest on her website -- comment with your best Write-a-thon sentence, and she'll donate a dollar to Clarion West!

I'll make some posts from the road. My new phone has a sweet camera, so I'll be able to take pictures, too! :D