June 17th, 2011

crossed heart

Lucky book number 12

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So here I am, looking at another empty word document, allll over again. I'm going to take some time off in New York next week. I was thinking about taking off until after that, but I've got some great work habits now (courtesy of writing my ass off for Moonshifted) it'd be a shame to let my brain get out of shape ;). (Plus, it's addictive. Plus, I didn't take any cold meds today, so I can think now ;))

Sort of giddy with delight, sort of horrified at the empty whiteness. Sure, I have some notes and half a paragraph of a sales synopsis to go by....but most of it I get to come up with, starting now.

Outline/beat map/brain storming first. Playing with half scenes, writing things down, holding them up in the light.

Shapeshifted, here I come.....