June 13th, 2011

crossed heart

music to die by

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Busy day today --

Got up and got pretty to go up north to my in-laws. My husband's grandmother's health has been failing for awhile now -- we did an photo shoot with her today, with all the rest of the family.

I hadn't seen her since February -- she's drastically declined. They think she's been having mini-strokes, which makes sense to me. She's kinda-sorta in hospice now, but they're not moving her to a new place yet, she's at a small group home right now. She's very thin, sleeps all the time, and aspirates food. She's one pneumonia -- one of many things, actually -- away from dying. I don't give her six months. I feel sad for my husband and his family having to go through this. There's that catch-22 of awareness vs un...she was pretty vital and healthy, living on her own up till the summer of last year. I think they've been shocked by how fast this has happened, despite its inevitability.

After that, I went out to catch a Florence and the Machine show with David Moles. It was fantastic. She said it was the biggest crowd she'd ever performed in front of, and I had a hard time believing it -- she owned the stage.

She has a voice like an early 80's anime goddess -- the ones where they thought that music would fix the world. She could be the embodiment of Sharon Apple. When she sings, the world freezes and tilts. (God if she and Yoko Kanno did get together, I would crawl through glass to hear that.) She had this flowing dress on and she raced across the stage like a sylph and laughed like she herself was surprised at how well the night was going. She was young and she sang about death. It was lovely.

If you've only heard the radio songs Dog Days and A Kiss with a Fist, I suggest you listen to Cosmic Love and Rabbit Heart. (On Rabbit Heart, hold out till the chorus. It sounds like it might be folk stuff..."This is a gift, it comes with a price, who is the lamb, who is the knife." -- then it gets epic. And ignore the video. The video is from before they had money. Just listen.)

Last, but not least, on my way home late I realized I was driving by my alpha reader's house (the same fantastic alpha reader who'd called earlier in the day to talk to me about book, only another lady at the nursing home was yelling at me that I stole her house, heh.) So instead of calling him back, I dropped by for an hour, and he says the book's a book. Not that it can't be made better, but at least it's really a book. And then a few fantastic suggestions of where to spend my next 48 hrs of time before it's due. We even talked about Shapeshifted (book 3) some.

And so now, to bed early-ish, to rise early-ish and edit again.



crossed heart

in which there was much editing

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...and vacuuming of commas.

I didn't get up so early today, despite the best intentions, but I did spend 8 hrs pretty much straight (with the exception of buying this book related shirt downtown for my husband) working on Moonshifted.

I realized today -- two days before the book is due! -- that I needed to put in chapter breaks. I don't write with chapter breaks. I am mystified at those of you that do. I write in scenes, and each scene arcs, and they're all in order...but no breaks. My book is one long document for me. So putting them in feels weird to me, as much as I know it needs to be done.

I was whinging about this on twitter when I thought, "You know what I'll do? I'll go look at Nightshifted on the German Amazon page. That'll cheer me up, and help me find my spine. Just seeing that things are real." So I did and...it was ranked in the 24,000's. Which is the highest I've seen it yet. After I tried not to squeal with glee in the coop office space I was hanging out in, I went and saw that Moonshifted was also in the 24,000's, too!

You know. The book I was complaining about putting chapter breaks in.

So, yeah. I got my spare spine from the spare spine-a-torium and promptly installed it and got to work. ;). (I do realize that those numbers mostly mean nothing, like that 3 people pre-ordered my books today or something...but but but still. That they're there, real, and that people want to buy them sometimes...what the what. It's amazing to me. Like looking down and every day finding that I have a tail.)

I got through 3/4ths of the novel today, and it hung together in a very bookish fashion. (With well placed chapter breaks? Who knows :P.) I could push on, but I have to be up early tomorrow, and the book'll get trickier the nearer I get to the end, and I'm pretty burnt out after today's close pass. I'll start out fresh again tomorrow afternoon. :D