June 11th, 2011

crossed heart

Moonshifted is done!

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I got to the end of this draft tonight! All the major structural changes are done!

ZOMG, i'm done!

I'll have to do another smoothening pass through before I send it off, and I have to wait for my alpha reader to read this latest bit, but I really do think it's done!

It'll still need some love after I send it to my editor, but I can't wait to get her guidance on things. Once I have that in hand, I can make her changes, and then polish it up again. I hope it's awesome. I think it's awesome. But I know what i'm trying to do -- some of that might have gotten lost, as I rushed everything onto the page. I have written so much this past month, flat out, you all have no idea. I wrote, and then rewrote, and then gutted huge chunks, and then changed other things...i have never worked so hard on any book before in my life. (For reference's sake, this is my 11th book. Yes, it does help that they're paying me for it.)

I worry that there's too much action, and too much plot, and that some things are too busy or unclear. But again, my editor is fantastic, I'm sure she'll tell me where i need to calm things down.

I felt very touched as I reached the end this time, for 95% reals. I couldn't believe this book was coming to a close, this thing that I'd worked on for so long and hard. That's what she said! See, i'm punchy now. And in denial about the loss. I'll be very sad to see this book go. But in a week or two, when I come back from New York, it'll be time to work on Shapeshifted, the third book in my trilogy. And I love being in love with a book...and I already have some great ideas.... ;)