June 8th, 2011

crossed heart

huge leaps forward & Write-a-thon

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Made good progress again today! I should reach the beginning of the ending tomorrow :D.

I have to poke everyone here about the Clarion West Write-a-thon again -- we need more participants, and there's only ten days left to sign up! You know you want to make some awesome goals and commit!

There's a ton of participant registration matching funds this year too. Several people will donate $1 per participant, up to 99 participants, but then give $5 per participant if we hit 100. That's a lot of money that I hope we get to reach. Even if you can't personally participate, please pass the word along!

I've done great stuff with the Write-a-thon in past years -- and this year, I'll be outlining (and by outlining, i mean *reeeeallly deeply outlining*) book 3 for myself. Scene by scene stuff, so when it comes to December and its due my brain won't explode, like it's been trying every day since May 1st over here.

Time to go to bed now. More tomorrow...er, tonight :D