June 6th, 2011

crossed heart

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Made good progress tonight. Had a bit of panic yesterday, and reread a lot of what I'd done on break at work, discovered that it was not so bad, and pressed on.

Saw the X-men First Class movie tonight with my husband. (He goes back to work with a vengeance this week, righting legal wrongs, so I needed to get my date night in where I could.) I really enjoyed it -- the plot was well done. They didn't wedge too many mutants in, Fassbender as Magneto was hawt and his pain and intensity felt authentic. (And the perv in me was rooting for him and Mystique to hook up asap.) McAvoy as Xavier was sweet -- I was wondering where he'd gone after Wanted.

Back at it tomorrow. Things feel doable now. Pressured, yes, but doable.