June 3rd, 2011

crossed heart

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So as you might have noticed (or heard me talk about at Wiscon) I've been a little stressed recently. Unsurprisingly, that continues. I sent my first 50k to my alpha reader tonight, and while it's not completely perfect, he says that it works, and I'm inclined to agree.

I have learned *so much* about story structure and scene function this book i hope to hell that next time will be easier. Way, way easier. Please.

Am I still scared I'm screwing it all up? Oh yes. And that it's not tight and gorgeous and that there's too many people and it's a little confusing? That too. I suspect my editor will have very helpful suggestions in the future on those points, and I can't wait, because she's awesome and I'm sure she'll see it all far more clearly than I currently can.

At least right now though, I can finally taste the end. Just a little bit. It's all I'm looking forward to -- the slaughterhouse-like carnage that I've already written for the final 15k. I cannot *wait* to get to there. Just another 20k of fixing *coughrewritescough* to slog through...