May 25th, 2011

crossed heart

sweet sweet progress

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I really got somewhere in the book today. Thank goodness! I woke up early for me, and had a crash in the morning where my body was pretty sure that all the daylight was a joke, and shouldn't I be sleeping? But I trundled through and figured most things out. I had this bleak feeling at 3 PM that all the work I'd done in the last week was a joke...but then by 9 tonight, I realized that yes, as I'd thought, that was just one of those things. Writing and reading your own stuff when you're in the heavy editing stage, is all about quick oscillations. You hate it, you love it, you hate it, you love it -- the thing is, regardless, you have to press on when you're in the moment (and especially when you're short on time.) What I find going back later is that I can't tell the differences between the parts I hated or loved -- if I trust myself and write it out, yes sometimes it needs help, but rarely is it as bad as I can let myself think when I hated it, and good thing I kept pushing myself out of the death spiral, heh.

Made it to yoga, even, which was grand. Will try very hard to get there tomorrow, too.

I, um, also spent some more fun money on fun things with my fun writing paycheck. Because some of you all are shoppers, I'll share here: I got this dress -- it has cowboys on it, it's adorable! -- and these shoes. I really liked the last Fluevogs I got (thanks all y'all who chimed in :D) and I wanted another pair in black.

But that's it now, I'm done for awhile. Really. (*cough*)

I have errands galore and packing to do tomorrow, and then Wiscon! I'm so excited. Even though I'll have to keep a toe in the editing waters while I'm there, it'll be so awesome to take a break and have a vacation. Wiscon's near and dear to my heart, and it's been awhile since my husband and I have gone somewhere together. I've been flitting about, but sometimes it's nice to take him along. So he can carry my bags. (Get it? Because I shop, and because he's male, and because we're going off to a feminist science fiction convention? Errrrrr....wait. Ha! ;))

Bedtime now. See some of you at Wiscon, I hope! :D