May 9th, 2011

crossed heart

Titrating Sleep

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Well, perhaps that last theme install wasn't a good idea, dangit. I lost some tabs on the word press side, alas. I've emailed for help, and it's not really broken yet ;).

Night nurses (and possibly all nightshift workers in general) obsess over sleep like high school boys do sex.

Today was my first real day off in about two weeks. Since I was wound tight after shift yesterday, I didn't get to sleep till 10 AM, and I wasn't up till 5 PM today...but I have a ton of time off and I want to flip over to see the sun, so I'll be going to bed at 4 AM tonight and hopefully up by noon tomorrow. I've set alarms for 11 (a pre-alarm alarm), 12 (the real alarm), and 1 (really-get-the-fuck-up-already alarm). We'll see how that goes.

Because I love sleep...but I also want to see the sun some. And I've got a shrinkologist appt at noon on Tues, and if i don't start flipping over now, getting there on time will hurt, and then where will I be. She'll think I'm depressed, when I'd really just be sleep deprived ;).

Life is good right now. Edits are rocking. I just wanted to write the whole day off, what with getting up so late. I thought about ambiening out at midnight, just to get up at 8 AM and start tomorrow off that way, but I'm really glad i didn't. My husband recognized my avoidance behavior for what it was and told me that I'd feel bad if I didn't try at least a little, and so I did. I made really good progress, up until I started dicking with wordpress, about an hour ago :P.

And now that I've distracted myself twice over -- I'll get back to the book for a bit. Maybe i'll stay up till 4:30 tonight. That's not soooo late, really. I have all week to see the sun. I'll get there ;).