May 2nd, 2011

crossed heart

a numbers game

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Spent the last five hours working flat out on Moonshifted. I don't have any metric for it, since it's part of a huge process, I just know that I concentrated hard and stayed on task and I feel like I got somewhere. I've been really good lately about curtailing all of my internet distractions down, and tomorrow I'm going to try out being net-free. (Once I get up. Sometime around noon. ;))

Work has been work -- I was there a lot this past week. It's hard to go back after time off, even though I know it's good for me to do so. It puts everything in perspective, again and again and again. It forces me to get comfortable being uncomfortable, which is good for me. Had someone come in with a blood alcohol of .4, which, if life were fair, would (ironically) get me drinks at a bar as a bar story.

More progress tomorrow night, as I live my bat-life when everyone else is asleep on my off days ;).