April 29th, 2011

crossed heart

Night Nurse

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Figured out some things, yeehaw --

Namely, that what I've really got in this book is a decent B plot, but not a very strong/distinct A plot -- I think after writing Nightshifted, I was so stoked to keep talking to/with/about those characters that the actual plot of this book, which involves different characters, never came out. (In addition to many other things that need fixing.) Spent the past few days freaking out about this, figuring out what to do, freaking out some more, working-hospital-work, and then finally last night, having a chance to work on it again. I think I have my new (shorter, less boring) intro down, and the tone of the book's changed a little, for the better. I feel good about the A plot now, and I have 20k of space to play in, so I just need to weave it in well is all.

I'm unhappy that I wasn't perfect the first time through (although why this surprises me, i know not) but i think i have a game plan for solving things now. I just need to put a ton of time in. I'm worried about not having enough drafts to make the new stuff rock, but we'll deal with that later.

Last night was redo the beginning night, and I did, and I like it, so so far, success.

While I was at Blue Heaven my husband got me a present that just came in today -- the first issue of Night Nurse. I love it -- it's the one whose graphic they used for my io9 interview. (Here's a link to all the other covers.) It's from the early 70s -- which you can tell not only by the fact that the women wear uniforms, but that those uniforms aren't Marvel'd up to show cleavage. It was a more innocent time ;). Inside, are the stories of three women as they deal with the stress of becoming nurses. One of them has a jet setting playboy who demands that she choose between nursing and him. Personally I think I, and many of my coworkers, would totally ditch our jobs for someone that had a yacht. Yacht, or angry alcoholics that try to spit on you when they're mad? One year into that shit, and you'd be thinking about the yacht too ;).

The ads cracked me up too. My husband wanted to know if i'd sign up to to sell Grit, but I was a little horrified to see that back in 1972 you could order "Pet Baby Raccoons" from Florida!

Anyhow -- the beginning of my book is better now (she says, having not reread it again yet this morning) and I have to go back to sleep to get ready for tonight.

More later, in a few days :D.