April 15th, 2011

crossed heart

radio silence :D

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Man, last night at work was long...but long in a good way. There's some days (don't read this, editor and agent!) where I think maybe I could give up writing and just nurse full time. [The flip side of this is that I'm wondering today how that patient is, fully aware that that's the most useless thing ever. The best nursing advice I ever got was to never take anything home. Sometimes it's really hard to leave it all at the door, though. Some patients follow you home when you don't want them...like lice, heh! And then others, like sad-eyed puppy-dogs.]

I fly out for Blue Heaven tomorrow. I've read all the first 50's and one whole book, so I feel pretty prepped :D. I will need to work a ton on Moonshifted while I'm there, but feel like I have clue now as to all that needs doing, I only need the time to just do it.

I'll be online answering email, but I'm feeling under a time crunch to get Moonshifted done, so I'll probably be taking all next week off from the rest of the internet. I still have plenty of time, but I'm the opposite of a procrastinator, I want all the things done now! Do it now! (As long as those things are not cleaning the house, catbox, or folding laundry. Those things....meh.)