April 8th, 2011

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RT Convention Day 2

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Ha! While I was sitting here, I just realized we're reaching that point in the convention where too much happened for me to put it all into a blog post. (Seeing as there's two days left at this convention, it's a little worrisome. ;))

This morning I ran into Beth Bernobich after her breakfast, and she kindly sat through mine with me -- she's here because she won the RT Booklovers Award for Best Epic Fantasy for her book Passion Play. So we hung out for a couple hours, which was great, up until she received her award :D.

Then after that, I geared up to go to the Venetian Masquerade Fairy Party tonight. Beth wasn't going, and I didn't know anyone else who was -- I walked up to the door and asked the nice person there if there was a table for people who didn't know anyone else. The lovely door person, Jane Lange, went to her table to see if there was room there for me, which there was. (Thank you so much Jane!) It really helped to make my night :D.

I stuck around for dancing, but the music wasn't really what I was into, so then I went out to the bar area.

I don't think I've made it clear up until now how sort of nerve-wracking it is to do this con, because lalala, formal blog, blah. But not knowing anyone for the most of everywhere has been taking a psychic toll.

Now, I can remember going to WFC's and Worldcons back in the day, and knowing one person (Scott!) and us riding up to the top floor, and walking down, floor by floor, listening for parties because we didn't know anyone else at the time. I know I used to have that in me, right? But really it's frightening as hell here, despite the game face here and the make-up in person.

So tonight I went over to hang out with Pat at the bar, who swept me under his wing -- and I was still feeling that "zomg i am so lonely there is no love here for Cassie + PMS" crisis still coming on, and then Doselle Young came over and we got introduced and he was all, "I was told you were cool and I was supposed to hug you!"

A friend, Shannon Paige, had freaking told him to keep an eye out for me. It was a life saving hug :D. Even while I'm at a romance con, my sf/f peoples are looking out for me. No wonder I love you guys so much!

Crisis averted, I went on to enjoy myself sooooo much more for the rest of the night, and meet other people so tomorrow I'll know a few more, and the day after that, etc. I think from here on out I'll have a much easier time staying zen. At least I hope I will!

(PS -- I am so far behind on LJ and reciprocal blog reading. I feel really bad about it. Between me traveling and getting book 2 fixed I am swamped. Please forgive me for being so self-centered here, I swear I'll read up as much as I can the next time I have free time, which might not be till after I turn book 2 in, in June :/.)

crossed heart

please don't feed the trolls --

This is too funny/random not to mention here. I'm not putting it on my main blog, 'cause that'll only attract his attention, but --

My Suckerpunch review entry got trolled by this piker who isn't even all that good a troll. (Frex, he was surprised when I kept "scrubbing" his posts. Um, it's called a ban. Duh.)

Anyhow, he called me a little girl and told me to eat a bar of soap to clean out my filthy mouth, etc, and i told him to go to 4-chan, I hear they love paternalistic bullshit over there, annnnd, his last comment, before the inevitable stomp off, when he realized that my blog doesn't have to provide him with endless access to his "right to free speech" was....

To accuse me of being a lesbian.

What the hell kind of insult is that. I can imagine him. "You're a lady! The only thing worse than you just being a lady is if you were...were...were...in love with another lady!!!"

Um. Yeeeeeah. I deleted all his comments so I wouldn't be tempted to toy with him, since I'm mostly above that, but...yeah. Sometimes I weep for America.