April 3rd, 2011

crossed heart

on the way to the RT Booklovers convention!

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This whole week has gone by in a blur. Work work, leeches, work, more work, oh crap I'm leaving town for a week!

I had to rush to get Moonshifted out the door to Blue Heaven readers. I at least read to the end. The first 2/3rds I feel OK with people reading, the last third I feel I let myself down. But having to do Nightshifted edits (and reedits) ate up a bunch of time :P. On the plus side, I know what I'm going into, and how much work is ahead of me. On the downside, I had to leave a ton of [xxx describe] or [xxx witty scene with coworker] in the text. I'm going to do my best to get through this entire draft while I'm on the road, so I can send it out asap to the other readers in my life.

I did manage to find some grown-up looking clothing for this convention. I tried on suit jackets, realized everything this year is completely unflattering (who can pull off three quarter sleeves and peplums? Not me.) but I got two really awesome boyfriend style suit jackets from the thrift store. Best five bucks I have spent in a long time :D. Some dress shirts, some skirts, and nice shoes...but no slacks. I tried some on, and I couldn't stomach the thought of wearing them. I loathe slacks. A slack killed my mother. And then ran over my dog. So I'll have to cut it wearing dark jeans.

I'll be heading off in a bit to Rachel's, halfway down the coast, and then into San Diego tomorrow night. My brother got a place down there, I want to check it out :D. And then up to LA to convention it up. I'll try and do some con reports, seeing as I like to leave a trail of bread crumbs for future first time con attendees. This trip will include my first publisher dinner, which I'm very excited to get to go to, seeing as the end game goal of all the writing I have ever done in my life is to have the ability barter it for free food.

Here's to hoping I manage to pack all my chargers for everything electronic in my life for this trip! ;)