March 25th, 2011

crossed heart

things (not) to do in the dark

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First off, I will admit I'm a little tipsy now. That's OK, I've earned it. The weather's been awful today, and the power's been going out right and left. I emailed Nightshifted off this afternoon, in between brown-outs at the local coffee shop. Have been binging on MSG, beer, and episodes of the Wire ever since. It's an excellent thing that my favorite take-out Chinese restaurant has a genny.

The traffic lights were out all over town, and it blacked out on me twice today. The first time was mid-bikini wax. Just me and my esthetician  in a small dark room, who god bless her had an iPhone with that flashlight app. She managed to extricate me from the state I was in, though we could go no further. I suppose it could have been worse, seeing as I could have been mid-eyebrow. Other areas are a lot more forgiving of asymmetry.

The second was at yoga. They just went and got candles though, and the black out made the whole experience even more enjoyably hippietastic.

I'm kind of feeling my oats before starting over again tomorrow. Not entirely sure what to do with myself tonight, seeing as I've had too much to drink to start working again, and it's late and will only get later, as I stay up to schedule flip for the weekend. But it's OK. For a lovely, possibly brief moment, everything feels OK.