March 24th, 2011

crossed heart

Nightshifted — done, now with more doneness

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This is meeee, doing the donnnne dance!

It's taking all the strength I have to not just email this to my editor *rightnow* and instead wait to reread these last edits tomorrow. Patience was never my strong suite.

*Victory lap!* *Victory 100 foot sprint till we realize we're out of shape, and then we lean on our knees and gasp for air and remember maybe we should get back to the gym some.* *Lazy high fives to people who come to offer aide!*

I'd take tomorrow off in celebration, but I already have a writing date with Maggie, ha! And anyhow I can't wait to get back to Moonshifted...but I know like 30 mins after I start working on it again, my brain'll be, "Hey, waitaminute, what about...*insert project here*" Fickle, fickle brain.