March 18th, 2011

crossed heart

shoes and some booze

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Made really good progress again today, then I cheated and skipped ahead and did all the easy stuff...leaving only the really hard edits in Nightshifted to do. I found some good possible entry points and sketched out my plans but my brain is tired now, I lack the strength to go on this evening. Most of the things left to do build on one another, so it makes sense to treat them as a whole pass, since I have to thread them through the entire book. I feel on schedule though -- I have all next week to really nail things, and do one last very close read.

Today was wonderful -- I love hanging out with Maggie and writing. And dinner tonight was lovely. My friend has a huge kitchen that everyone can cook in together. I hate cooking, but having ten people to do it with helps :D. (Also, any holiday that strongly features potatoes always has my vote.) I did not drink any carbombs (as driver) but I was ready to provide emergency medical assistance for anyone that did.

So tonight I'm overfull, and I'm shopping online. I recently passed another personal/professional milestone and I want to reward myself (as I often do) with shoes ;).

I used to get really cheap shoes and have a ton of them. (Okay, so I still have a ton of them, I really need to go through my shoes.) But working on my feet's made me more protective of my comfort than I used to be. I want to have some cute new shoes for conventions this spring/summer -- but I want them to be something I can walk a few miles a day in, as I hear I'll be needing to in New York . Other friends from NYC have extolled the wonders of Fluevog shoes in the past. I've never managed to get to a store (and I don't see that happening any time soon) so I've decided to buy some online.

[The last time I bought shoes online, they were Jeffrey Campbell shoes from Nasty Gal. I bought two in near sizes, to see which one would fit, and then returned the one I didn't want in all the double-sized box they'd sent me. I got some looks at the mail counter, sending a huge box back to a place called Nasty Gal. I'm sure I looked like I was returning used dildos, and somehow saying, "They're shoes!" didn't seem to cut it with the matronly woman behind the counter.]

While I'm (lustingly) drawn to the odd architectural stuff that Jeffrey Campbell does with his shoes, I can't imagine tooling around in them as a tourist. So here are the ones I'm curious about on the Fluevog website. (As for the personal/professional milestone this commemorates, I can't talk about it just yet, but soon, my pretties, soon.)

I really want these new shoes to be matte and red. I've decided my pseudo-professional persona (who does not just wear jeans, t-shirts, and scrubs and have a closet full of shoes she never gets reasons to wear) will mostly be wearing red, white, and black, because that way I can't screw things up. I don't have any professional clothes anymore -- I donated all of my office-type stuff with much glee the second I got hired as a nurse. Shopping for clothes'll be another post. (I hate shopping for clothes. I love shoes. Shoes never turn on you the way clothing can.)

Red Shoes -- these are in the lead, in my head, but I can see how in person they'd be too much to pull off.

The runner up -- red with buckles (although not sure about the orange piping) and its cousin Black w/Buckles which I like a lot, but I have n of black shoes already.

Not Red -- but adorable!

Black w/even more Buckles -- I really, reeeeallly like these. I have no reason to own them :P. Luckily, they're out of all the ones in my size :P.

I want all of these, in all color combos. Unfortunately, I don't think any of them would look good with skirts. Not that I own any skirts yet :P. But I plan to. Hmmph.

I like a lot of the other designs better, only the colors are more than I can work. I want a sort of every day shoe. I'm on the fence right now if it's even worth getting them -- if I hadn't heard such good things, I wouldn't be so tempted to try them out, sight unseen.

Anyhow. Bedtime. More work tomorrow, and much less dicking around on the internet late at night ;).

(For the record, last time we played this game, I got the purple mouse ears ;))