March 17th, 2011

crossed heart


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Had pretty much the perfect day today -- got up, went to yoga, ate lunch while editing, ran errands, ran into a friend who also writes downtown and talked shop, edited, and then went out to another friend's birthday party/live show (involving banjo covers of Billie Jean and Prince and Ah Ha) and then home for Deadwood reruns and more edits. Up to pg 211 in edits now of pg 333. Tomorrow's a planned writing date, more edits, and more social dinner by someone who is cooking us all corned beef and cabbage :D.

In case anyone's wondering how I've got so much free time, it's due to being part time at the hospital, and being willing to live in a studio. Studio living (with a husband and a cat) sometimes sucks, but when the weather's nice like it was today and I can go outside to write, so much free time = heaven.