March 15th, 2011

crossed heart

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Urk. One of these edits points at a flaw that was way at the beginning of Nightshifted, and has sat there this whole time, just waiting to spring out at me. I figured out a way around it (which will take some time to do properly, but will be well worth it) it's just jarring to realize that I was completely blind to this plot/continuity error thing all...this...time. Like, I've read this book ten times, easy. Maybe more. And now I see it. Only now. (People wonder/say why we need/don't need editors in this day and age. Let me show you here where I did need one, desperately :P.)

Things are going well though. There's harder stuff to do near the end of the book, but I'm about 100 pgs in, and trying to check off or strike out the suggestions that I've already made. I got a letter with 18 changes and notes in the ms along the way. To my delight, many pages are just grammar suggestions. Not that I'm bad with grammar, but these are just word choice things. Easy and painless changes to make. I was tempted to take them out and do them all in one easy fell swoop, but I get so happy when I get to one of them, that it'd be too cruel to leave myself only the hard changes to implement.

While I'm trying to do a good job, I'm also trying to race forward. The less time I spend on this, the less embarrassing Moonshifted will be to send out to All Hallowed Alpha Reader and Blue Heaven in early April. I've also been a tool about catching up on blogs and being social online or offline for a week here. Sorry about that. May not get better till May :/. Everyone's been very understanding, but I still feel like a jerk for it.