March 11th, 2011

crossed heart

Moonshifted- pg 80 of 137 (45ish K)

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Made some more good progress today. I want to hit 100 pgs by Monday night which is when I'll have to switch gears and work on Nightshifted edits. Not sure if that'll happen, but I'll really really try. It's been slower going, since I'm having to think more with each change about its ramifications -- what led up to things, and where I want the book to go afterwards. Not everything last draft was set in stone. Happily, the book's now 75,500 and I'm sure it'll keep growing, after scanning up ahead.

I'm very pleased with getting Nightshifted edits in this week -- I have a lot of time off this week and the next. So much better now, than in April, when I'd have been out and about on a ton of travel. I'll be gone 16 days out of that month, and working most of the rest, so I was cutting things close.

I decided to read the intro to Nightshifted at my reading at Fogcon tomorrow. I read the first 25 pgs of it aloud tonight and felt it held up really well. I'll read for my 30 mins and get however far I get ;).

I'm very sad about the whole situation in Japan. My brother was stationed there for five years, and a good friend from high school is stationed there still. HS friend has checked in on FB with minimal damage. I know that even though my brother was stationed most of the country away, I'd still be having a heart attack right about now if he were still there. I can't imagine how it is for the rest of the world with relatives there -- or the actual populace. I dearly hope they are able to get the nuclear reactor situation under control.

Locally, I'm in one of the tsunami warning zones here. Two coworkers texted me this AM to make sure I wouldn't be washed away. (I'm not sure how they think I can afford a beach house, heh.) I drove to get to-go dinner tonight and saw "Tsunami Warning, Beaches Closed" light-up signs on my way to the taqueria. Surreal.