March 10th, 2011

crossed heart

Hello people of Germany!

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I woke up to a wonderful surprise this morning! A kind person (and fellow nurse!) in Germany messaged me to tell me that my German publisher was running a voting contest to vote on the cover of NIGHTSHIFTED's German edition! You can see the options HERE! It's only running through 3/16, and voting's neck and neck so far :D

I spent the whole day being in awe and thinking "I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M LOOKING AT THE POSSIBLE COVER OF MY BOOK!" I'm pleased by both options -- my fav is the upper right hand corner one -- though I'd like to admit here than neither Edie nor I would ever wear pearls. (True story -- the one time I got pearls, for high school graduation, I pawned them to pay for my nipple piercings.)

My website was down all day due to some server-side issue, which was killing me...I really wanted to share this news earlier, while more people'd be online! It's so cool to see it come to life, I might be forced to reshare it, consider yourself warned :D.

Also, this is a lesson to me to make my blog more sexy, so just in case the next time I get good news, my top post isn't about cat puke, ha!

While stranded off my blog, I made it to pg 75 of 137 for Moonshifted edits. Nightshifted's edits are on the way to me for sure, I should get them on Mon or Tues, so I'm going to spend all of my freetime this weekend trying to get as far as I can before I shift gears. More editing tonight probably, but I'd better post this before things crash again ;P ;).

I have a book cover! More than one! Piper Verlag, you all are awesome!