March 9th, 2011

crossed heart

the status of the Cassie (and of course also the book)

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I emerge from a time of grump with slightly less grump.

The first 50 pgs of  Moonshifted were due for Blue Heaven on Monday, so I spent the weekend rereading what I'd already done, and then launched on from that these past few shifts at work -- I'm up in the 60's now. Goal-game-wise, I feel this draft'll be done by the end of this month. Then I can send it out to first readers :D.

Most excitingly, I just booked a weeklong trip to NYC for the Romance Writers of America conference! I'm getting to go up there with Rachel, and then we're going to hang out with all sorts of writing friends :D. I'll admit I'm quite nervous about going to RWA, but my agent and my editor will be there, and I like conventions and I love travel -- everything should be fine :D. (I just need some new clothes. More on that here at a later time, most likely.)

I have a week off now to use for major editing progress, in addition to attending Fogcon in San Francisco this weekend. I'll be on the "A Sense of Displacement" panel at 9 AM and an "Inside the Sausage Factory" panel at 3 PM. And...a reading at 4:30. Which I realize I haven't prepared for at all. Um. I'll get right on that!

I got to lead a writing workshop at another local convention this past weekend. I have to say (and not to pat myself on the back or anything) but it was freaking awesome. I think everyone got good feedback and really constructive critiques. That going well really helped my self confidence -- two years ago, it was me at that convention, with the wonderful Timmel Duchamp presiding, running the beginning of Nightshifted through. To get to run a workshop there myself really felt like I was coming full circle :D.

I'll post tomorrow with a fresh page count. The book isn't getting longer yet, alas, but I know it's getting way way better. I have faith. :D