March 4th, 2011

crossed heart

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Up to 57 of 137 pgs in Moonshifted. (Yes, this is single spaced, tiny font, that's the way I like it ;))

I had to skip one scene entirely -- I know I need it for pacing reasons, but it's completely wrong for the plot now. I just marked out its edges, and highlighted the few ramifications from that scene on the next few scenes, so that I can cut them out/replace them later. It's frustrating to leave it like that...but I know it's wrong, and what better to put there right now eludes me. Might be 4th draft type of problem to have -- or something I'll realize at the end.

Another scene was cut entirely. My wordcount is still hovering over 75k, barely. Still trying (failing) to be zen about that. If it continues through Blue Heaven (wherein some other people will get to read the whole thing, yay!) maybe they'll point parts out to me to backfill. I'm sure I'm missing some small things too, like descriptions of people and places that are clear in my mind from Nightshifted, but that aren't actually on the page.

In a much better mood now. Glad tonight wasn't the write-off it was shaping up to be this morning. And I have tomorrow off still, to write.