March 1st, 2011

crossed heart

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Moonshifted is coming along realllly well. I have to say I'm very pleased with a lot of decisions I made last draft. I'm on page 45 out of 137.

I'm really glad to be in this particular phase of editing. I find that editing runs hot and cold -- when you're hot, you think you're a genius, when you're cold, you're the most idiotic idiot to ever put fingers to keys. Both stages have some value, and neither are entirely true, but it's a lot easier to stay up till 4 AM when you think you did a good job.

I still need to add some words to this draft, and I haven't yet really. I've switched some things around and done scenes differently, but my word count's basically stayed the same, give or take a k. I'm keeping the faith that the words will come later, because the ones I'm taking out now definitely need to go.

Bedtime now!