February 18th, 2011

crossed heart

the usual writing view

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Always, with cat. Not always with nutterbutters. But they're helping to heal me. I can feel it.

Still sick and bedraggled, but my concentration was better today. I cut and paste all the beginning notes and end notes for Moonshifted into my note files. Haven't trusted myself to dive into the text yet. Soon, i hope!

My draft 2 doc is now 75k long. For reference, my main note doc is 60k. There's a lot of duplication of effort in there, wrong leads, things that I could delete but haven't, due to a paranoid obligation to keep things. I don't hoard cats or cars -- just books and drafts ;). I'm afraid there's a good idea somewhere i haven't mined, or a line that i want to resee. In truth, these things well up from within, when you need them. There's no mythical lost text-- chances are what you're doing now, was better than stuff from back then, anyhow. I keep them just in case. And I do comb them for things to do later. The future book file's got a lot of important ideas in it for me, now that i'm starting to look forward.

This rambly post, which i can barely see, typing with a cat across my arms, is brought to you by the makers of Theraflu and Ambien. I'm hoping their combined powers, plus my upright sleeping position will lead to me being able to  breathe for the most of the night. And also, my therapeutic cat.

crossed heart

banging the drum –

Originally published at Cassie Alexander. You can comment here or there.

Clearly I feel better, since I need to talk about public welfare again. My temper, it rises --

Here is a fantastic article about child poverty -- and if you were living in a cave, the House just voted down federal aide for Planned Parenthood.

Anyone who thinks that child poverty and access to Planned Parenthood are not intertwined is a fool.

If you voted for anyone of those Republicans in office, who just tried to cut off vital funding for women's medical care -- please, I beg of you to reconsider ever doing it again.

Can we, in a conscientious society, tolerate having people in office who believe that it is right to deny desperately needed options and medical care to half of our populace?

I say no.

What is wrong with these people? What is wrong with this country?

Those Republicans have become the snake eating their own tail, unable to see that eventually lack of solid social structure will lead to their own demise.

They'll keep eating up funds and liberties, gnawing away -- and what they don't realize is that with each bite, they erode away labor, hope, willingness, and opportunity.  By taking away chances for women to control their own reproductive destinies, you'll wind up with more child poverty, and for those children -- less chances, less skilled workers, less innovation, less enthusiasm -- less of everything that, ironically, they think "Makes America Great!"

How can they not see that? How can anyone vote for them?