February 14th, 2011

crossed heart

illness and dabda

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Definitely sick today. Yesterday, I was going through the stages of grief about it:

Denial -- "This is allergies. Isn't the pollen count high right now? Yeah. I'll be fine tomorrow."

Anger -- "Who got me sick? Did that patient cough on me? Why did I hug my friend's kid? Kids are germy....*squinty-doom eyes*"

Bargaining -- "Look, if i can just get better before we go to Disneyland...."

Depression -- "Fuck it. I'm going to take Nyquil. If I'm sick, I don't want to be awake for it."

Acceptance -- "Honey...can you go get me some more theraflu?"

Hubby's out and about right now, getting me the things my illness requires: Necco candy hearts, sizzling rice soup, and OJ. He's being a doll, I really appreciate it. We were supposed to go up today and visit his grandmother and our niece, but I don't want to pass this on to them. So bascially its me in a pile of kleenex today like a lump in the bed, on the internet, and reading comic books. I want to see Dead Man again, and finally see El Topo, but i know one and suspect the other are not things to be viewing while riding a codeine high. But if i play my cards right today, I can make hubby watch Eclipse with me. Mwahahaha!