February 11th, 2011

crossed heart

Moonshifted – 72.5 second draft

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2900 words tonight. This weekend will be slow, writing-wise, but I wanted to mention my excellent wordcounts/progress for personal posterity. (So when i get to this stage, next book, and i'm all woe is me, i'll remember the time I wrote 11k in 4 days :D)

Original goals were to be at 70k by tomorrow (tomorrow = when i get up, which'll be tomorrow for me ;)) and 75 if i could...so i'll take 72.5 and run with it.

New goals = finish this draft by next Tues. I no longer know how long that'll take, wordcount wise, so I'll just keep going till it gets done. That's very doable though, even if i do take this weekend slow. Next weekend I am also very booked (Disneyland!) so finishing my book this week would be great...then I can Mouse it up, guilt free. (Actual intention = editing on laptop on drive down, and drive back.)

After that, we'll get into draft 3, which should be final-ish (alpha reader and agent's opinion depending)...done hopefully mid-March. More goals as they come, because of my low-level OCPD, heh.

Have to say, the plot board really helped all this, tons. If i weren't already so aware of what i needed to do, no way I could be writing this quickly.