February 6th, 2011

crossed heart

61k, and then some

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61k, draft two achieved. And then some other stuff, maybe 2k, that i haven't sewn into the main story yet, but that's coming up. Threw myself against the book for most of the night, writing these extra bits, thinking, "Wow, i really like this, but....it doesn't work with the plot here. But i want to write it! Buuuut, it doesn't work...." The location and tension in those parts would undercut the ending that I have coming up on me in my rear view mirror, by being in the same place, at different times. But, they still felt right to write, dangit -- then it hit me, around 2 AM, that those parts would go great, preceding the ending, kicking things off and into the final conflict.

I know enough to trust myself now, and i know enough to know when it's not flowing -- but talk about mixed signals, heh! "This is the right thing! Just not right now!" is a new cue card i'll have to keep in the arsenal in my head.

Goals: 70k by the 11th, let's say. And magically-awesome 75k by then if we race ourselves and we set laptops by bowls of milk, and helpful pixies write our exposition in the night ;).