February 2nd, 2011

crossed heart

the numbers game

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Hit 52k today. (Or, yesterday. I'm pre-writing this post to test that function out.) I had to back fill a lot of stuff out to make my next move forward -- and I took a day off when I last flipped my schedule around. Goal is to hit 60k by the end of the week. A lot of it will be writing new stuff, so that feels good. (Okay, perfect world, 65 k by the end of this week.) And it's worth noting now that while my first draft was 65k, I'm exactly where I should be now, plot-wise, in the 50s -- prepping up for the headlong rush into the end of the book, which'll definitely be in the 70s and if not in the 80s, then in the 80's for sure, after my alpha reader draft.

I'm trying to haul ass now, before i get book 1 edits in to do. (Whereupon I'll have 14 days in which to do them.) (Ultra-mega-perfect world, i get this draft, and Nightshifted edits all done, this month.)

I'm very big into stating goals and planning. I have two separate writing-related google calendars. One of them has anthology opening and closing dates, things like when Launch Pad and other workshops I want to attend open, future conventions I want to go to, awards I want to nominate people for, due dates on crits i need to turn into friends. It helped me a lot back in the days before the book sale, because I could look at it, and always feel like I had something going on. Even if those anthologies weren't interested in my stories at the time -- it made me feel more businessy to chart them. It helped me to feel real, like i had assignments, to take myself and my writing seriously.

The second one, is all about this series. I noted in the calendar when my agent emailed me, when I signed the agency contract, when Nightshifted went to auction, when it sold, etc. And all the things in the future -- I've got a tab for this Friday, saying, "60k, draft 2 goal!" I find getting to turn off the other calendars and see where I've come from on this book satisfying -- and I like to imagine where I'm going in the future. (I also move goals around a lot, as it suits me. They're goals, not reasons for me to whip myself.) I celebrate each accomplishment  with little notes on there, too -- because those are nice to look back on, and are good for the days when I have the writing blues.

But it's bedtime now (even though it will be 8 AM bright and early tomorrow morning when wordpress posts this, muahahah.) I've got a writing date with the lovely and talented Marguerite Croft tomorrow, and hopefully another 2-4k to do :D.