January 31st, 2011

crossed heart

the smith bill and planned parenthood

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When i started this blog, I thought to myself, "Cassie, we will not talk about as many medical issues here. We will pretend to be one of those people you want to sit next to on the plane ride, with no opinions, or at least any opinions kept at a very low volume."

And then i saw this bill being proposed.

Fuck that.

I am of a certain age (or over it) and have managed to remain childfree by choice. You know the only organization that's had my back through all of that? Planned Parenthood.

Again and again, when I was younger and needed it, when i couldn't afford birth control, when i had no insurance, when i did have insurance but my primary care doctor was a bitch who thought she knew what was best for me, and so i couldn't get an IUD? Only Planned Parenthood cared. Only Planned Parenthood listened.

If you've ever been in a Planned Parenthood waiting room, then you know what it's like. For those of you who haven't been there (ie the creators of this bill) -- newsflash -- it's not a bunch of harlots with uncrossed legs and their vaginas hanging out. Its kids -- and adults -- who want to be responsible about their sexuality but whose society has made them otherwise unable to do so. Do you know how expensive birthcontrol pills are, for a lifetime of them? Plus the doctor visits you need each year for the pap smear? Have you ever had to debase yourself and go through a college's "here's how to put a condom on a banana, girls, you slutty mcslutsluts" excuse for sex education, before they'd give you pills? Have you ever made a request of your primary care doctor, ob/gyn, and have them tell you no?

Unlike the whole abstinence thing -- which has been proven, so proven, not to work -- Planned Parenthood is actually interested in giving you "Here's how not to have a kid" options.

Unlike your gropey uncle. (Oh, i'm going there. And i'm taking you with me.)

What the what, pray tell, is trying to limit abortion services for only forcible rape. Let's talk about the definition of forcibly, shall we? Oh, wait, in this context, there is none.

Should every rape survivor, have to go in with a photo of her bruised labia, as proof? What if it was her boyfriend? Her husband? Should every rape survivor only get an abortion if by some miracle her case is tried within that window of available time? If the cops believe her, if the DA's on board? Do they realize how many rapes aren't prosecuted, how many women believe the system will betray them before they even begin, because time and time again, they've been proved right?

If you're male and you think you don't know anyone whose's been raped, please open your eyes. I guarantee you pass by rape survivors every damn day.

I live in a very liberal town, and every time i go by the Planned Parenthood, i see protesters standing outside. My hate for them is blazing white.

They're not interested in protesting to make sure that women get pre-natal care, for the children they do want to have. They're not interested in more of their goddamned precious tax dollars funding better childhood education to make sure that all those "wanted" babies get to grow up to be someone. They're not interested in anything but the "sacred" status of our reproductive organs, totally divorced from any other reality we all might share in. Heaven -- for them, literally, Heaven -- forfend that we spend our time making the world a better place for those children to live in, and provide more opportunities for teenage girls to get birth control, so that people can make the individual choice to be in charge of their reproductive destiny.

Fuck. Them.

It's coming to the point that any woman who is silent now is made a traitor to her kind.  I don't like to make waves, I sure as hell don't want my parents to read this, (who knows, maybe not even my editor or my publisher) but it is time. I can't be quiet anymore while my rights -- and everyone else's -- are taken away, trimmed back as we are quiet and polite, because politicians want to point to this absolutely shitty piece of legislation to show their "commitment" to the families of America.

The women of America know better.