January 19th, 2011

crossed heart

the good old news

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German rights to Nightshifted sold!

They went to Piper Verlag, whose website I checked out long enough to find out that they're the ones that do Twilight in Germany. Woo!

I found this out around Christmas -- right before i think -- but life was super busy for awhile there, and I wasn't sure if i could tell anyone yet.

It's so crazy. There's going to be people reading my books...in German. With whole other covers. And maybe whole other titles. And also reading the sex scenes contained therein. Heh! (I laugh instead of faint about it. For now, just for now.)

Edits are going well. I have to work tonight and tomorrow, which sucks, but i got up early this morning to put my writing time in -- I'm about an hour away from taking a long pre-work nap. To be honest, i'm looking forward to going to work, because all the air there is super processed, and i am allergic as hell to something that's out and about right now. If i didn't know about rebound sinusitis, i'd be grinding up Claritin and snorting it by the handful.

Randomly: I've got Norwescon memberships and a hotel room at the main hotel there, that I won't be using this year (it conflicts with Blue Heaven). If anyone wants a membership or a hotel room transfer, let me know.