January 17th, 2011

crossed heart

the Innsmouth look

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Okay. I just deleted my last post (which i forgot to cross post to LJ anyhow) in which i eviscerated certain coworkers for being intentionally slow and lazy. It wasn't charitable, and i'm more sane now, 24 hrs out from the event. (To be honest, i didn't delete it all the way. I saved it, private-like, so i can repost it later when i want to strangle some people again. Sometimes I like to polish my hate, like a bitter, bitter diamond.)

(I sum up: if you don't like your job, quit or transfer floors. Don't pass the buck, and don't fucking slack where i can see you fucking slacking.)

Last night, after waking up, we went out to sushi with friends. I have a birthday coming up, and my girlfriend is going to host a very small dinner party for me (my big party request got used up in Dec, in book-sale celebration party) and we were talking about it, and her daughter wanted to help out, so she took over the notebook my gf had brought and was all, "Okay, what do you want at your party?"

So i give her a list, yellow cake with chocolate frosting, Diet Coke, etc, and at the end of it -- after she's scrawled each word out phonetically -- she looks up at me and asks forlornly, "But what presents do you want?", which was pretty damn cute, and helped to brighten my mood considerably. She just couldn't grasp a world where birthdays didn't come with presents. It helped put things in perspective, it did.

That, and playing Arkham Horror, with the Dunwich Horror and Innsmouth Horror expansions, in an epic five hour game. I will show you the whole board here, as it is glorious:

That's not even with all the cards laid out. We had to put 2 little TV tables at the end of the table to hold all the rest of the absolutely necessary cards. We didn't win, but we had fun trying, before the Old Ones ate our faces off. Which also helped with the perspective thing -- today might suck, and tomorrow might be worse, but at least we're not living in Innsmouth ;).