January 7th, 2011

crossed heart


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Up to 20k in 2nd draft edits now. I've had the last two days off work which helped.

Been to yoga twice this week. I was going to go on Weds, but I broke my arm muscles on Tues night trying to do chaturangas the right way. Turns out they're very hard if you have no arm strength :P. A lot of yoga stuff is push-up based. I'll get there, but dang. All the other stuff I can feel helping my back a lot. Seeing as both of my occupations are back-killers, I need all the back strength i can get.

I'm going back in tomorrow night, which is why i'm still up now, schedule flipping. After that, five dayssss offf! (Sang like "five golden rings!")

The downside of staying up this late is that our place is very, very cold. And i feel bad about running the space heater, since our housemates pay the whole electricity bill. You know it's cold when even your cat crawls under the sheets to sleep. So i've been sitting here in my snuggie, dreaming of living in a non-studio, having my own kitchen, and that leads, as it does, to scanning craigslist.

In the hills near where i live, i kid you not, there is an $800,000 geodesic dome house. I wasn't sure what horrified me more about it -- it's price, or the fact that you can put no bookshelves over four feet high along any wall. Now there's an advertisement for a kindle.

Bedtime now. I'll shush till Sunday, swear.