January 5th, 2011

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Up to 10k in Moonshifted's 2nd draft :D. It took me a day to triage a scene (it had a lot of ripples down the road) but I think I made the right choice in the end. I have a writing date tomorrow afternoon with a girlfriend which I'm looking forward to :D. And went to yoga tonight. Someday i will have arm strength, i just know it.

Tonight we watched the 2nd Resident Evil film with my housemates -- I wondered outloud what'd happened to the supporting cast after that film. Hubby said that he bet the lady'd been in CSI, seeing as CSI has everyone in it eventually. I said, Oh yeah? I bet she's been in Law and Order, it being the other casting conglomerate....turns out via imdb we we both right ;). Me of the male lead, and he of the female lead.

2011 is shaping up well already :D.

crossed heart

Blue Heaven!

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Hey y'all! While this wasn't the other thing that i was stoked about that i still don't know if i can talk about it yet -- this is a whole new reason for me to be exponentially stoked -- I got invited to the Blue Heaven writing workshop!


I know i say the phrase, "I'm super stoked" a lot, but this time, believe me, i realio trulio am. I have to say (and this is overly smushy for me, seeing as some of the other attendees sporadically read their livejournals and might see this) like it's nice to be everyone's friend and all, but it's pretty freaking awesome to be noticed as a peer.

I know i act young and i type young (younger than i am for sure) and I <3 Disneyland like nobody's business, and i get that that's who i am and it's OK. The young thing is kind of my buffer against my past, and my pretty damn gritty hospital work now. If i were as serious as things dictate all the time, say like you see the protags in Law and Order at the end every episode, being all torn up by what travesty just occurred again, week after week, I'd just be brittle and cry. That's not tenable for me. I've made peace with things. This is part of how I cope.

But i sometimes i've felt in the past that it's doomed me to always sitting at the little kids table, at the eternal family gathering of SFnal conventions. Muchless having tried, prior to this, to make my way as an science fiction writer and be a girl. That's a whole other layer to push through, heh.

And probably none of that made sense. Just know that I am really, deeply, honored and pleased to be at the big kids table at last.