January 2nd, 2011

crossed heart

looking ahead

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Okay, technically it's Jan 2 now, but I was working last night and am just on break now...I still feel compelled to start off the year with an outloud talk about the plan.

The Plan:

  1. Write.
  2. Edit.
  3. More writing.
  4. Also, travel some.
  5. Go to Disneyland.
  6. Go to yoga three times a week.

As you can see, i'm not very detailed, heh. (Actually, I am, but it would bore you all to tears.)

I'm going to be attending a ton of conventions this year, which'll be great for me -- I love taking trips! -- but might be hard to schedule my time around. Jan and Feb are really going to be my get stuff done months, what with two conventions apiece in March and April. (All but one in-state conventions, though.)

I see some friends on lj are doing a "Things I've Done That You Haven't" list, which i was going to abstain from, but then i thought about things, and also I just figured out how to use wordpress's numbered list just now, so what the hey. I'll just change it to be applicable to me.

Eleven Things I've Done That You Probably Don't Want To Do:

  1. Stuck my hand inside of someone.
  2. Stuck my hand inside of someone else. (Do i get points if it's a different part of someone?)
  3. Cared for someone with necrotizing fascitis.
  4. Smelled someone who was necrotic.
  5. Had a patient code on me.
  6. Seen someone die. (Not my patient who coded, though!)
  7. Been asked by a patient for a hooker.
  8. Been asked by a patient if i was a hooker. (Also been asked for beer and pot, by patients.) (Not the same patient, either.)
  9. Been spit at, punched at, and clawed upon.
  10. Cared for someone with really advanced H1N1
  11. Wiped. A lot. Of butts.

The thing is, i wouldn't have any of that any other way. I love my job. (Except if maybe all my patients could have rectal tubes in. Then my job would truly rock.)