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book turned in…and now?

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I already chirped on twitter about this, but I turned in the book I’d been working on to my agent. 8 months of effort, landing at 102k. And now…I have this strange thing called time off. I’m giving myself the whole month of Sept, because it’s been a really long time since I’ve been off-off, and I have to say, so far it’s been strange but lovely.

I went home to Santa Cruz for a few days to hang with old buddies, and then came back up to Oakland to basically…watch TV (Sons of Anarchy season 7) and play video games (Witcher 3) and cook (Blue Apron, because I’m still lazy and hate the grocery store.)

Because I suck at not working entirely, instead of working on book stuff, I’ve decided to reorganize a bunch of our things. I read that KonMari book (so trite, I know, but other girls at work were reading it!) and I hit up my husband and I’s closets. They’re both beautiful now, hopefully they stay that way.

We also watched Ant-Man in the theater — super fun — and Interstellar last night.

Interstellar I have mixed feelings on. I totally love the scope they were aiming for, but I really dislike that Anne Hathaway’s character had to be the astronaut version of the girl who breaks her shoe a horror film, plus also be the one to give cheesy exposition about love. When she started talking, i started feeling my Dr Who watching goggles coming down. But I appreciated the grandeur of the difficulty the movie was trying to capture — relativity is not an easy thing to get across, muchless feel intimate and familiar. (Gotta give the anime Gunbuster a shout out here — first media I ever saw that dealt with relativity appropriately.) And I loved the way they presented the concept of time, particularly at the end, that was gorgeous.

This week is a chill week of working some and hanging out with more friends and generally being indulgent. After the past 8 months, that sounds pretty good :D.

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