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Bloodshifted — almost out!

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Bloodshifted, the final book in the Edie Spence series, is alllllmost out! :D


The reader response on this one so far has been pretty darn fantastic. I’m very pleased that it’s getting its moment in the sun, and trying not to have all the feels in the world about it being the last one.

When I turned it in, I did so assuming that I’d be getting the chance to write additional books in the series. And so while it has a book ending, it does not have the epic series ending that the series deserves. Which is why people are already asking me if there’s gonna be a sequel. At this point, I really don’t know. I have all the sequel stuff going on, up in my head, and I’d love to write it — but I only have so much free time, currently. Y’all don’t understand how much hustling behind the scenes I’m doing right now, trying to get my erotica career to kick off, and waiting on pins and needles to hear back from my agent about my YA.

If either of those things take off, full steam ahead, then I can stop working extra shifts, and then I would have time to write Dayshifted. (See?!?! I already know what it’d be called. *sob*.) But if they don’t, then I am where I am, writing my ass off until the next big thing takes.

It is no lack of love or enthusiasm for Edie that’s stopping me. It’s just that it’s far easier to ‘hit’ with something new than it is to flog life into a pre-existing property. And so while I love that Edie has a small and dedicated fanbase, I also have to take things into consideration like ‘how much free time I currently have’ and ‘do I like to eat and/or pay bills?’

I do hope you enjoy Bloodshifted, it’s a great book, and totally worth your time. As for a series-ending, trust me, no one’s hurt more by this than I am.



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