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It looks like we’ve gotten a house!

Last week was a rollercoaster of offering, finding out we hadn’t gotten it but we were first runners up, then finding out that the people who had gotten it had decided to back out, so we’d gotten it, and then holy cow inspections this week and maybe it’s really-real!

I thought maybe I should show you where we live first, since we’re on our way out –


That’s it. Where we’ve been (me, my husband, and my unfortunately white-furred cat on that blue carpeting) in this studio for over three years now. The only thing behind me is a desk. Our bed’s off to the right.

Yes, it’s a little junky, but to say we’ve been crowded is an understatement.

So I’m sure you can appreciate how super thrilled we are to get to be moving into a HOUSE soon!

I took some pictures of the garden and the view from the second floor window while we were there for our home inspections earlier on in the week :D :D :D

backyard 2

backyard 3

backyard 4


To day we’re excited is an understatement :D :D :D Our home inspections went well, except for the things we knew already were problematic — fifty years of random wiring needs to be properly replaced. But I’ll have a garden, and a view, and a garden with a view, and so much more space than we have now, I absolutely can’t wait. (Even as I’m beginning to dread the whole packing thing coming up, heh!)

Sorry that I’ve been AWOL — I do feel like I’ve been getting super behind, especially writing-wise. I need to just accept that what’s past is past and stop beating myself up about taking this past week off, because look, house! ;)

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